Moving mobility

forward for good

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Welcome to Holo

We are moving mobility forward, for good. With our live pilot projects in Tallinn, Gothenburg and Oslo, we are currently busy implementing autonomous solutions, whilst learning and improving every day.


Our ambition is to give you the mobility you need with just a few clicks on an app. In September 2019, we launched the first version of this app, called Letsholo. Providing our riders with an easy way of seeing where the next bus is, what the local service hours are or simply just to stay updated on all things Holo. Explore more about the Letsholo app here.


We are also busy recruiting for our pilot project in Oslo, where we need brilliant operators to join our ever-growing team. Currently, we are training a talented group for operations at Akerhusstranda and Ormøya where we need more people to join. Please read more about the position here.


Let’s holo!