1. Introduction and acceptance

These conditions of use (“Conditions of Use”) refer to your use of the Autonomous Mobility A/S application, holo (“Application”), which is managed by Autonomous Mobility A/S, Park Allé 355, 2605 Brøndby, Denmark, company registration number 38151681.

In the event of any changes to the Conditions of Use, you will be notified and receive push notifications to your smartphone, text messages, emails and/or Facebook messages as well as when you log onto the Application. At the same time, you will be asked to read and accept the updated Terms and conditions.

By using the Application and Autonomous Mobility’s services, you accept and agree to the given terms and conditions defined in these Conditions of Use. The Conditions of Use can be accessed in the Application and on our website: www.letsholo.com.

2. Use of the Application

To use the Application you need to have a smartphone.

The Application can be downloaded in App Store or Play Store. To access the Application you need to have an account. The account is private. By logging into the Application, you will activate your use of the Application. Once you have logged into the Application, details and information about the vehicle(s) and route(s) will be loaded.

Autonomous Mobility may make additions or changes to the functions that you have access to in the Application.

You have the right to use the Application and services of Autonomous Mobility until you close your account or until Autonomous Mobility terminates the right of use, according to section 13, in the Conditions of Use.

3. Username and password

When creating a user account in the Application, you will be asked to give your email and select a password for your account.

You are responsible for the confidentiality and use of your password and you must log off the account after use. Your password is personal and is not to be used by a third party.

If you suspect that your password is being abused, you must immediately contact and notify Autonomous Mobility and at the same time change your password.

If Autonomous Mobility has any reason to believe that your password has been distributed to a third party or misused by unauthorized parties, Autonomous Mobility has the right to close your user account with immediate effect according to section 13, in the Conditions of Use.

Autonomous Mobility can at any point require you to change your password. This must be done immediately and may cause temporary restrictions when using the Application.

Autonomous Mobility allows you to access the Application and create your user account via your Facebook account or Google account. If you use any of these external accounts to access the Application, you should be aware of the information that the external media in question, receives about use of the Application via the cookies used by said media.

4. Legal and regulatory requirements

Without prejudice to any of the provisions in these Conditions of Use, you are required, at any time, to use the Application in compliance with national and international laws and regulations.

Autonomous Mobility may not be held liable if you do not comply with current legislation and regulations.

5. Intellectual property rights

All intellectual property rights to the Application and data in the Application, including but not limited to copyrights, logo, trademarks and domain names, are owned by Autonomous Mobility.

There is nothing in the Conditions of Use, that entitles you to use such intellectual property rights, at any given time.

6. Limitations of liability

The Application is presented as is. Autonomous Mobility disclaims any liability and any guarantee, regardless of whether the guarantee is explicit or implicit, including guarantees of suitability for a specific purpose, title, non-infringement, and that information collected via the Application is accurate, complete or reliable.

Autonomous Mobility cannot be held liable for direct or indirect losses associated with the use or content of the Application, data connected therewith, or any other Autonomous Mobility service or delivery.

Thus, Autonomous Mobility may never be liable for losses, neither direct or indirect, including operation losses, loss of profit, loss of usage, loss of data, other indirect losses or consequential losses thereof.

7. Privacy

When creating a user account in the Application or using the services of Autonomous Mobility, Autonomous Mobility will retrieve and analyse personal data concerning your account.

You can read more about the processing of your personal data in the privacy policy, which can be accessed here: https://www.letsholo.com/privacy-policy.

8. Availability of the application

Autonomous Mobility cannot guarantee uninterrupted access to the Application.

If you experience malfunctions when using the Application or that a download link does not work, please contact us at hello@letsholo.com

9. Links from the application

The Application may contain links to external websites provided by third parties. Autonomous Mobility has no control over the content of such websites, and may not be held liable for any damages.

Your use of such websites is solely your responsibility and at your own risk.

10. Breach of contract

Autonomous Mobility may terminate the contract with immediate effect in case you materially breach the terms and conditions in these Conditions of Use.

11. Partial invalidity

If a provision of these Conditions of Use is declared invalid, such a provision must be replaced in a way, ensuring the intention underlying the original provision, and the remaining provisions of the Conditions of Use shall continually be unimpaired, if possible.

12. Cookies

Autonomous Mobility stores cookies on the device that you use to access the Application and our website, with the purpose of supporting a targeted user experience. You can read Autonomous Mobility’s “Cookie Policy” on the website. This describes the cookies used by Autonomous Mobility when you use the Application and the website.  Read more her: https://www.letsholo.com/cookie-policy.

13. Termination

The contract shall remain binding until terminated. You may cancel your user account with Autonomous Mobility, without notice, by clicking “Close account” in the Application.

Autonomous Mobility may cancel your user account with 30 days’ notice.

If Autonomous Mobility has reason to believe that your password has been communicated by a third party, or by any means has been violated by unauthorized parties, Autonomous Mobility is entitled to terminate your user account with immediate effect.

If you no longer want to use the Application, you can delete the Application on you smartphone device.

14. Applicable law and venue

The contract between the user of the Application and Autonomous Mobility on the use of the Application and other Autonomous Mobility services, including these Conditions of Use, is governed by the Danish law and any disputes regarding these Conditions of Use or the use of the Application shall be decided by the competent court in Denmark.

15. Contact information

Autonomous Mobility A/S

Park Allé 355

2605 Brøndby


Latest update: February 27th 2019