About our recruitment process

A personal match is just as important to us as the professional match, and we think it’s important that both parties get to know one another. And how do we do that? 

First step is to have our candidates answer a couple of questions. Contrary to a classic model, where you ask for a CV and a cover letter, we pose some questions, which relate to the available position, and have our candidates answer them before we see anything else. These questions could be something along the lines of asking them to give their definition of a certain term that might hold special importance to us. The questions are always carefully selected for the a specific position and give us a different idea of the candidate than the “traditional applications”, which have become generic and all the same. In this prescreening, we sometimes also use peoples’ LinkedIn profile, to get a grasp of their experience and education - so this is our way of viewing a CV.


After this step, we like to get to know our candidates even better, by asking them to do a video interview. It’s not an interview, where we’re talking to each other. As in the previous step, we have defined 3-5 questions, which a candidate answer in video form. These questions are a mix of ones that also are thought out specifically for the position and some that are more general, such as “if we don’t end up hiring you, then who should we hire?”

Candidates have very differing opinions on this part of the recruitment process. Many candidates find it a bit intimidating and this unfortunately means that many are left out of the running, simply for failing to send in their video responses. We know that it’s not the most natural situation for everyone to be in, and that’s why we don’t have any guidelines for how long we want an answer to be. But we do get inspired when we hear people speak and, in this way, we get to know our candidates a little bit better, before we meet in person.

In the end, we invite candidates to come in and meet us in person. We give them an opportunity to ask us a lot of questions about us and our business. For some positions, we will also ask our candidates to prepare a little task, do a test in advance (e.g. a personality test) or we will set them a task when they show up - this isn’t always the case though and really depends on the position in question. 

With all of these steps, we keep focusing on getting to know our candidates as well as possible - so that we find the best fit for us and for them. Through this proces we get to know each other really well and are able to match expectations on both parts, so we feel that no stone is left unturned. It might feel like a long process, but the feedback we get is that it’s also quite enjoyable and more personable.  

We are always looking for new brilliant talent and we hope you’ll have a look at our listings, to see if there’s a perfect fit for you! Read about our open positions here.