Pilot projects

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As the leading operator in Europe, we are currently operating pilot projects in Sweden, Finland and Norway - with more to come.


The pilot projects are the first step in testing and implementing self-driving technology in mixed traffic. We test the technology, infrastructure and also the user experience, all to learn more and provide a better service to our users.

The shuttle buses are manned with an operator in each vehicle during the first period of time, ready to answer any questions and they are committed to giving you a positive experience with this new way of moving. The projects are free of charge, safe and accessible for everyone - come and take a ride with us!

We are currently running projects in Gothenburg, Helsinki and Oslo, and we have more projects waiting for final approval before they can roll out in Copenhagen, Aalborg and more. Read more about the exciting projects right here.


We have more projects coming up! Come back to this page to stay updated..