Introducing the Letsholo app!

We are proud to finally announce to you that our app, Letsholo, is live!

In this first version of our free app, you can track the autonomous buses in real time on all of our sites - with just one click. This is a first step towards the app that we are all dreaming of: An interface that takes you where you want, when you want it with autonomous vehicles. 

We have been developing Letsholo for quite some time and sneakily tested it in the office over the last couple of months. After several test versions and feedback going back and forth between our HQ and developers, it’s all ready for everyone to join. Needless to say, we are very excited to finally share it with the world!

So, let’s break down what you can use Letsholo for! We want to provide our riders with an easy way of seeing where the next bus is, what the local service hours are or simply just to stay updated on all things Holo. And that’s exactly what this app provides. You set up an account and then you can explore our news page or read about our pilot projects in Tallinn, Oslo, Gothenburg or Helsinki (with more to come). You can track our live operations and find relevant service information, such as operating hours and FAQs. 

Holo is building a mobility cloud, where users can order mobility on demand. The app, Letsholo, is the first step towards that end product. We start with live tracking of the buses, but one day you will be able to order your desired autonomous transportation, with just one click! So come join the first steps towards a rethinking transportation as we know it.

Download Letsholo in App Store or Google Play!

Jannie Andersen