Holo is



Imagine a world of constant flow. A carefully choreographed dance of people and things. Vehicles moving seamlessly - moving as one. 

The freedom of movement is intrinsic to who we are as people. You want to go wherever you need, whenever you need it.

Free movement can be chaotic, unless we coordinate everything so it runs smoothly. What Holo does is turning chaos into smooth and carefree movement.


Holo promises to greatly enhance your ability to move around freely - making mobility a seamless part of your everyday life.


Holo implements autonomous technology in pilot projects in the Nordic and Baltic region. We handle applications, training of staff, as well as implementation and supervision of the projects. We are a mobility provider, with all that entails.

The Holo fleet of vehicles is made up of Autonom Shuttles from Navya. The fleet has currently driven over 18,000km with more than 30,000 passengers, in five separate locations. This makes Holo a leading provider of autonomous mobility in Europe.


Our little bird represents an individual’s need for personal freedom and autonomy. It is small and agile - and also part of a larger flock. The flock represents collective movement when it works the best.

Indeed, the seamless movement of birds flocking should be how cities and communities move. 

When using Holo’s service, you are a rider and the flock is your community. Let’s Holo.

Holo_Bird_Animation_White_Crop (1).gif

Holo started out in 2016, under the name Autonomous Mobility A/S. The start-up was founded in Copenhagen as part of the Semler Group. Today, Holo is the name we use in all our market related activities.

In 2018 Holo launched the first pilot projects in mixed traffic, and in September 2019 the first version of our app, Letsholo, was launched.