holo is



Imagine a world of constant flow, a carefully choreographed dance of people and things. Cities moving seamlessly, moving as one.

The freedom to move is intrinsic to who we are as people. We like to be able to go where we want, when we want it. holo promises to greatly enhance your ability to move around freely.


Free movement can be chaotic, unless we carefully choreograph everything so it runs smoothly. Someone needs to turn chaos into smooth and carefree movement.

This is holo.


holo is a system of movement within cities and local communities where autonomy is key. An experience of simple and seamless mobility within a transport system.

We are providing this by carefully choreographing movement within complex systems - giving you the experience of being part of a perfect whole. This is what holo does.

Holo_Bird_Animation_White_Crop (1).gif

Meet holo, our little friend who represents everything that’s great about the holo company. Both small and agile, holo is all about personal freedom and the ability to move freely around the city.

The bird represents an individual’s need for personal freedom and autonomy. Experiencing simple, seamless mobility.

This one bird comes from a whole flock, where collective movement is essential in life. The flock represents our cities and the collective movement of people and vehicles.

holo is you. You are the rider and the flock is your community.